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About James

James Ridout, CPA

James Ridout is a Certified Public Accountant in South Florida specializing in personal and small business taxes. He truly enjoys what he does and works hard to establish the trust of clients and to meet their financial goals. Whether you have a simple tax return or more complex needs, such as deductible personal expenses, stock or real estate investments, farm income, household employees, or self-employment income, James will take care of you. Additional services include business tax returns like partnerships, C and S corporations, LLC’s or trusts and estates along with personal holding companies.

If you want to know more about James, you can look at his resume.

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James has advanced training and experience in real estate, sports and religious non-profits, news and media, and human resource industries. However, most of his accounting work has been helping small businesses along many industries. For more detailed information, have a look at James’s resume. If you want to know more about him personally, have a look at his Facebook page.

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