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Individual Tax Identification Number

     The requirements to apply for an ITIN are very strict. The criteria is specific for completing the W-7 (application for ITIN) and most people cannot complete the form on their own. Unfortunately, the IRS will reject the W-7 for the slightest error. Also, the IRS must examine the original passport and visa. If a taxpayer chooses to file the W-7 themselves, they must complete the W-7 and send it to the IRS along with their passports and visas. The process takes 12-16 weeks. Once the IRS has approved or denied the application, it will mail the passports and visas back to the taxpayers. This process can be a huge inconvenience.  Generally, if a foreign national resides in the USA, he must carry his passport at all times on his person. If the foreign national resides in another country, he risks the passport getting lost.
    James Ridout is a Certified Acceptance Agent, and can eliminate this inconvenience. He helps the taxpayer complete the W-7 in compliance with IRS criteria. The Certified Acceptance Agent completes forms authenticated with the passports and visas, so that the taxpayer can keep the passports and visas on their persons without having to mail them to the IRS. Also, as a Certified Acceptance Agent, James is authorized to authenticate alternative documentation if the taxpayer is not able to produce a passport (the taxpayer cannot do this on his own)
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