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20% Deductions for S-Corps, Partnerships, Sole Proprietors in Simple Terms

There is good news for small business owners! For purposes of this article, we are discussing Qualified Business Income (QBI), which is income that your business generates; not dividends nor interest). Beginning with the 2018 tax year, many small business owners are eligible to deduct 20 percent from their small business income. For example, if your small business earns $100,000 in operating income, you can deduct 20 percent ($20,000) to arrive at $80,000 taxable income. For S-Corps and Partnerships, the deduction passes through to your personal 1040 tax return. The deduction does not include the W-2 income generated for reasonable compensation due to officers. Otherwise, the deduction is simple for Married Filing Jointly taxpayers earning $315,000 or less and all other taxpayers earning $157,500 or less. If your income rises above these thresholds, rules and limitations may apply. Some of these factors include:

QBI is the combined income of all businesses

Additionally, REIT dividends and Publicly Traded Partnership (PTP) income may be eligible for the 20 percent deduction

Combined Qualified Business Income (CQBI) is QBI plus REIT dividends & PTP. The deduction for CQBI is 20 percent of CQBI minus net capital gains

Trusts and estates, with QBI, are eligible for the deduction

Some types of businesses (SSTB) begin to lose the deduction once going above the threshold incomes; above $415,000 MFJ & $207,000 of other filers: the deduction becomes zero

Businesses, with QBI of $25 million or less of which SSTB income is 10 percent or less, are not subject to the SSTB restrictions

Big Winners: Real Estate Practitioners, Architects, Engineers, Big business, Non-SSTBs

Small Winners: small businesses who are SSTBs with income under the thresholds.

Big losers: Big Law firms; Big Accounting firms; Big farmers; Movie Stars; Famous Bands & Singers; Brokerage Houses; Famous Athletes.

20% Tax Deduction CPA
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