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  • James Ridout

Special Thank You for a Great 2018 Tax Season

I want to thank all my clients for a great 2018 Tax Season! Thank you again for choosing me as your CPA in Wilton Manors. Many of you have trusted me as your reliable bookkeeper in Fort Lauderdale. This is an honor, as you know that one small bookkeeping mistake can really cause serious errors when it comes to balancing your account. As always, I enjoyed working with my clients as a Broward County Certified Acceptance Agent. In case you are not familiar - As a Certified Acceptance Agent of the Internal Revenue Service. If you are applying for an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN), I can examine your immigration documents (Ex: passport; visa). Then, I will sign a certificate that your documents have been authenticated. Next, you would send the certificate with your ITIN application (W-7) to the IRS, so that you can receive your ITIN. Without the certificate, you would have to make an appointment with the IRS to visit them at their offices, so that they could authenticate your documents. You typically have to wait 8 weeks for these appointments along with the inconvenience of traveling to the IRS offices.

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